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Mike Woods has extensive experience across the social policy spectrum, with a particular focus on intersectoral policy development, children's policy, education policy and project management of large-scale policy and development projects.

Contact Details

399 Karori Road
Wellington 6005

Phone: 64 4 476 0247
Mobile: 64 21 261 9023

Email: Mike Woods


Master of Public Policy, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
Bachelor of Science, University of Auckland, NZ
Diploma in Teaching, Auckland College of Education, NZ

Recent Experience:

NZ Families Commission
Ministry of Social Development
Department of Child, Youth and Family Services (NZ)
Ministry of Education (NZ)
Tertiary Education Commission

Coverage examples:

Intersectoral projects (Children and Young People with High and Complex needs, Full Service Education, Conduct Disorder)
Compulsory Education (students at risk, inclusive education, vocational education)
Child care and protection (local services mapping and planning, Residential Services, conduct disorder)
Tertiary Education (institutional and student financing, research funding, strategy, industry training, qualifications systems, legislation, etc.)

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Posted by Mike Woods at January 06, 2002 02:06 PM

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